Wontok Lab Tests and Removes Android Adware Dowgin

Wontok SafeCentral Malware Bulletin 11 May 2015 Malware Family: Android.Dowgin Android Dowgin is adware that incorporates an advertising package that has the capability to display unwanted ads in the notification tray. Wontok Lab Results We observed that Wontok SafeCentral Mobile Security‚Äôs On access and On demand engines properly detect and remediate the malware which prevents […]

Little Trojan provides big insights into future Financial Institution malware attacks

Mon, 07 Jan 2013 – Paul Murray, SVP Product Management A report was recently released about the banking Trojan, Stabuniq. Stabuniq is not well known, and its authors would like it to stay that way. It targets financial institutions (FIs) and functions as a data theft engine in financial institution malware attacks. Approximately 40 percent […]

Keep your money safe in the bank

Fri, 26 Oct 2012 – Adam Tegg, CEO Wontok Is your money safe from cybercriminals? Every month a new report is released covering the growing cybercrime economy. The reports give great insight into evolving methods of the criminals and their vast profits. What is not covered is the devastation they leave behind. While banks are […]