Wontok Lab Tests and Removes Android Trojan SMSSpy

Wontok SafeCentral Malware Bulletin 21 May 2015 Malware Family: Android.Trojan.SMSSpy Android Trojan SMSSpy is mobile malware that attempts to steal sensitive data by seizing incoming SMS messages and forwards them to a remote site. The Trojan is often disguised as an Android application that must be downloaded and installed. Wontok Lab Results We observed that Wontok […]

Financial Trojans Now Targeting Password Managers: Why Prevention is the Best Cure

Cybercriminals wielding financial Trojans are constantly seeking new targets.  In the past year we’ve seen Zeus malware variants move beyond stealing personal bank credentials and invading the retail landscape.  Now cybercriminals are threatening the passwords on your computer.  A new variant of Citadel malware, an offspring of the dangerous Zeus financial Trojan, has been identified […]

Little Trojan provides big insights into future Financial Institution malware attacks

Mon, 07 Jan 2013 – Paul Murray, SVP Product Management A report was recently released about the banking Trojan, Stabuniq. Stabuniq is not well known, and its authors would like it to stay that way. It targets financial institutions (FIs) and functions as a data theft engine in financial institution malware attacks. Approximately 40 percent […]